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Welcome to the REGISTRATION CENTER where you can join our amazing volunteer team and make a difference and create positive change in our community or register your child(ren) to take part in our  Impact Program that helps grow and build our youth for a better tomorrow. 


The Registration Center was created to assist you in becoming a part of the positive solution for our community. Volunteer today or Register your child to be a part of an organization that believes in the equity of our youth, and the growth, stability, and strength of the community.


When you sign-up to be a volunteer with SCCORE you become a part of a group of people that looks to make a difference in and around the City of Port Huron, MI., and throughout St. Clair County by building Awareness, increasing Education, being a source for Advocacy, and providing Services those that are in need in the community. To Volunteer Click Here

IMPACT Program

The SCCORE IMPACT Program is designed to assist our community youth in the areas of developing strong social skills, tutoring in the needed areas, development of communication skills, youth work preparedness, finance education, agriculture/gardening, and more. Click Here  to register your child(ren) today

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