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We Educate

We identify, train, and empower, individuals through education

Education is a cornerstone priority for SCCORE. We don't only educate in the area of civic engagement but we work with students helping them in many areas.


Our cornerstone program is the SCCORE Tutorial and Life Support Bridge Program (STLSBP)  which is a community to home to school program whose focus is to support its youth and families through providing gap services to school aged children during the school year. It is an extension of SCCORE’s Summer Youth Program (SSYP). The 6-week program consists of intergenerational volunteerism. It brings together professionals and community volunteers to provide academic, trade, and life skill building in a  fun and creative way. 

We also understand how important postsecondary degrees  and trade schools are for career success over a lifetime and we work with students to educate them on the different options available for them. SCCORE staff and volunteers  help young people to assess their skills and interests and match them to local labor market trends in order to make informed career and educational choices, equipping them with resources that allow them to live out their best dreams.

SCCORE's  education components vary with the needs of the young people engaged by each SCCORE education partner. SCCORE programs equip young people with the human, and social capital necessary to achieve skills that lead to viable livelihoods for themselves and their families.


If you are interested in registering your child for the after school program please click the link below complete and turn into the SCCORE Office: 

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